Laser Min Power [0-255]:
Laser Max Power [0-255]:
Laser 'Off' Power [0-255]:
Skip over values above [0-255]:
Travel (noncutting) Rate [mm/min]:
Scan (cutting) Rate [mm/min]:
Overscan Distance (prevents twang from showing) [mm]:
Height (width autocalculated) [mm]:
Horizontal Resolution [mm/pixel]:
Scangap [mm/line]:
Start X [mm from 0 for right of image]:
Start Y [mm from 0 for top of image]:
Image File:
Output: Gcode Grayscale Preview White-level Preview (test, may not work yet)

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About this tool: This tool was created because I could not find any useable image to gcode converters suitable for lasers based on 3D printers. It assumes that your fan PWM (M106 Sxxx) is used to drive a TTL driver.

Laser Power and Speed:You should set laser min to a level just below where it makes a mark on your given material and the laser max to a level where it makes a nice black mark and where increasing power does not make the mark any darker. Trial and error is certainly required here, so please test your material BEFORE you ruin that nice thing you were trying to make.

A note on commands per second: My Printrboard can handle about 280 commands per second over USB and about 380 when printing from the SDcard. This is somewhat abstracted to this program only because commands can vary considerably in length.